University of Namibia, Sam Nujoma campus lecture rooms

Project Name: New Lecture Room at the University of Namibia Sam Main Campus
Client: University of Namibia
Location: Henties Bay, Namibia
Project Cost: N$ 8 million

In more recent years the University of Namibia has experienced an unprecedented and exponential growth in the student numbers, which required long term planning for and investments in teaching and administrative infrastructure for the the institution.

This also led to decentralization of faculties with the establishment of the Sam Nujoma campus School of Aquatic science and fisheries in Henties Bay thus the need for lecture rooms and a library.

The design of the lecture departs from the traditional approach of scattering learning structures across the site to a more compact courtyard layout. This creates internal social spaces shielded from the harsh east winds. This has several advantages such as a smaller footprint which reduces costs, travel distances between lecture rooms are shorter, reducing the time wasted during learning hours and the colonnaded walkways that shelter learners when walking walking between venues.