The New Vending Stalls at Gobabis Town Centre Market in the Omaheke Region

Project Name: The New Vending Stalls at Gobabis Town Centre Market in the Omaheke Region
Client: Namibia Development Corporation     
Location: Gobabis Town Centre Market, Gobabis, Namibia
Project Cost: N$ 1 664 862

The Namibia Development Corporation(NDC) has a mission to promote, develop and support economic growth and development in Namibia. Also, with a vision to create wealth for the Namibian nation to prosper, NDC asked for aesthetically pleasing vending stalls to replace existing portable untidy stands in use by the anticipated tenants. The new vending stalls were expected to improve the quality of environment for the venders without compromising on the visibility of the rest of the infrastructure behind it. The Design and quality of product was to be of high standard but at reasonable cost to allow for low rentals.

The result was the porous businesslike structure that we gave to the client. It is a simple and compact structure largely displaying the raw concrete presentation countertops for the convenience of both the vendors and customers with rock face brick walls complementing the raw concrete. Secure storage cubicles are conveniently placed beneath each vending stall and a roof cover fashioned to speak the language of the existing Gobabis Town Centre Market. The colors of the steelworks and roof cover were also made to match with the existing. The architecture is low maintenance with a pleasing outlook.