Additions and Alterations to Standard Bank Tsumeb ERF 260

Client: Standard bank Namibia P.O. Box 3327 Windhoek Standard bank Centre
Location: ERF 260, Tsumeb, Namibia
Project Cost: N$ 3 795 542.23

What was meant to be a moderate renovation, ended up turning to an extensive job due to unanswered structural queries. Ultimately, we stripped the old building down to the foundations and started afresh on the existing footprint to create this high-end branch introducing a few elements not typically seen in bank design. The clean, modern exterior is skinned in textured paint.

While the budget was limited, the design was focused on amplifying the client’s values which are intended to reinforce the trust their stakeholders. The envelop and interior were tailored to enhance the client’s status as a leading financial services organization in Africa, delivering exceptional client experiences.