Directorate of Accidents and Incidents Investigation

Project Name: Directorate of Accidents and Incidents Investigation 
Client: Ministry of Works and Transport     
Location: Windhoek, Namibia
Project Cost: N$ 140 million

With a mission to promote aviation safety through the conduct of independent and objectified investigations into aircraft accidents and incidents in accordance with Annex 13, of the Convention on International Civil Aviation organization, the Directorate of Aircraft Accidents Investigations required facility that would echo this intent.

The Directorate of Aircraft Accidents Investigations is an independent investigation authority, primarily responsible for the investigation of aircraft accidents and serious incidents, to determine the facts, conditions and circumstances pertaining to the accident, the dissemination of safety information and for carrying out accident prevention activities in Namibia.

Thus the design provides activity areas at the center of the facility which create opportunities for collaboration and interaction both in and outside of the laboratory environment. The new building provides a state-of-the-art facility that meets all of the specialized laboratory requirements needed to support the processes of aircraft investigations.

The linear progression of spaces arranged along corridors, gives the building a spatial clarity and readability to the processes of investigating an aircraft incident or accident.

Lighting energy and water conservation measures with abundant windows allows for daylight to enter and minimizes lighting consumption. LED lighting and energy efficient lighting, lighting controls-light sensors for occupancy and daylight sensors will be used, along with photovoltaic daylight harvesting with lights that dim when sufficient daylight is available. Water consumption will be reduced by way of using energy-saver plumbing fixtures, water efficient landscaping with an efficient, drip irrigation system, and drought resistant/ desert plant selection.