Construction of the Zambezi regional education offices

Project Name: Construction of the Zambezi Regional Education offices 
Client: Ministry of Education   
Location: Katima Mulilo, Namibia
Project Cost: N$ 105 million

The Zambezi Regional Education office came as a result of the Regional Education Directorate’s dire need of their own office complex as currently the different departments are scattered in different buildings around Katima Mulilo and as their staff component has grown in numbers over the years there is no sufficient space available to cater for the needs required by the Ministry of Education in the Zambezi region. Thus as education is one of the keys to a strong developed nation and the Zambezi Regional Education Offices is the back bone of educational matters in the Zambezi region and caters for more then 120 schools in the region it is important to develop infrastructures that will assist in meeting the targets set for Vision 2030 which is quality education for all.

The proposed design concept was arrived at through detailed investigations and consultations between the client and the professional team. Particular attention was paid to some aspects that were considered of great importance to the success of the project. These aspects had an influence on the brief and scope of the project included site requirements and limitation since the design was within an office park, Client brief requirements, the current and future proposed staff structure, optimum general space for use, positive and progressive image of the proposed building last but not least reducing the maintenance cost of the building through use of materials and adopting passive ways of cooling and natural light for the building thus reducing the energy consumption.