Project Name: Construction of the //Kharas Regional Council Office Park
Client: //Kharas Regional Council  
Location: Keetmanshoop, Namibia
Project Cost: N$ 134 million

A new building is not just a container to live and work in but rather the product of specific circumstances ranging from function or location to costs, trends and celebrating the civic identity and creating spaces where locals can interact as civil equals, thus the need for the New //Kharas regional Council arose with the client emphasizing on sustainability and maintenance free building that celebrates development within the //Kharas Region.

The main concept is an axis that celebrates the entrance into a multi volume foyer which acts as the main point of distribution and transition to various spaces with the civic building such as the council chamber, community hall and the office spaces. The menu of materials remains restricted to off shutter concrete, face brick and glass, this results in a delightful environment which is at once richly varied and quietly harmonious. Furthermore, simple and practical conventional building methods have been used to minimize the energy requirements of the building. Large office windows being deeply recessed and protected from directly sunlight by steel louvers. The orientation of the building is such that the long facades face North /South and minimal fenestration on the eastern and western facades. The landscaping is designed using gabion walls from the excavated rocks and using mostly indigenous plants that have low water requirements.